Sydney Solstice, Vivid Sydney and many more festivals in Sydney are a specialty of the winter season. Explore the best you can enjoy this year!

The winter season in Sydney is defined by a vibrant festive mood that is conjured by the number of events that happen around the time. Vivid Sydney is one of the biggest art festivals that is expected to dazzle the city from 27th May to 18th June 2022. The festival, which will span over a period of three weeks will transform the city into a mesmerizing land of art, music, lights and more. If you’re curious about what you can expect out of Vivid Sydney 2022, the best way to know is to wait until you see and experience it first-hand. Read on to know some interesting ways to experience the best of Vivid Sydney.


Most people stroll outdoors during Vivid Sydney with an intent to witness the sheer glory of the city filled with lights and colors. An amazing way to enjoy the occasion is to get on board a Vivid harbor cruise. The cruise sets a perfect ambience where you can come together with friends, family or your partner for a wonderful time to cherish for a lifetime. For a value-for-money cruise dining experience on the harbor, choose the ultra-modern catamaran with three expansive outer decks and large panoramic windows that also includes a freshly prepared delicious healthy, wholesome contemporary style buffet prepared to perfection by expert chefs on board. You can choose any Sydney Vivid cruise depending on your interests. To put it out there, now might be the best time to book seats on board a Vivid cruise as its demand usually goes up in the run-up to the festival weeks. Book your cruise right away. 

Another interesting way to enjoy the festival is to go on a Vivid Sydney walking tour or a photography tour that covers all the major venues scattered across the city. After all, this particular festival is not one that can be covered within a day or two and a guided tour will present you with a well-thought-out itinerary that includes all the major light precincts in a limited period of time. This year’s Vivid Sydney means more than any of the previous years and we are sure excited to see what it will have in store for us. Returning after a gap of two long years, Vivid Sydney’s countdown is already up as the city has already acquired the festive boom before it reaches a fever pitch on May 27th, 2022. Whether it’s the harbor side, Circular Quay, Royal Botanic Gardens, Luna Park or any other famous Vivid Sydney Venue, you can visit the place expecting an extra glow where art reunites its familiar buzzing venues, making it an unfamiliar paradise you readily lose yourself in! 

Unlike your usual outings at the well-known chill-out zones in the city, you may discover more than what you could ever imagine about a place that is hosting a Vivid Sydney event this year. The streets will once again be adorned with marvelous light displays and installations that will encourage you into a willing suspension of disbelief as you rediscover your sense of wonder. Walk into any of the Vivid Ideas venues to immerse yourself in speeches that leave you awestruck and perhaps reconsider your beliefs. If you’re someone who loves to learn or unlearn new ways toward understanding your better self, Vivid Sydney could be a great place to start off your journey or give yourself a great brain tease. With just a few more weeks before the much-awaited festival, we hope you stay motivated and excited to add to the festive vibe in the ai

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