Looking to explore Italy from a new perspective? River cruising is a wonderful way to discover this beautiful country. Whether this is your first time in Italy or one of many, an Italian canal cruise will help you soak up scenery and culture in a very different kind of way, with stops in some of the country’s most beautiful and lesser-known destinations.

Many of the popular river tours will take you on a journey to remember, including stops in gorgeous destinations like Adria, an ancient Etruscan town that is connected to the coast via the Canal Bianco.

Rich in Etruscan History

Adria is a town rich in Etruscan history. In the sixth century BC, it was a paleo Venetian settlement along the northern bank of the Canal Bianco. During this time the Greeks traded heavily in the region and Adria itself was subject to various rulers. By the second century BC, the canal dried up and the town lost viability as a commercial port and, after its decline, it was assumed under the authority of the city of Venice. Today, the remains of the Etruscan city can be found beneath the modern one.

Visit the Archaeological Museum

When you stop in Adria as part of your Italian canal cruise, make sure to visit the town’s famous archaeological museum. The museum was built in 1961 as a project headed by architect Benati and engineer Scarpari, with a view to preserving the town’s past.

In the collections, you’ll find amazing artifacts collected during excavation campaigns that hark back to the grandeur and prosperity of Adria’s former port. Here you’ll be able to experience, first-hand, the richness of this region and learn all about the events that have shaped the town’s historical trajectory since the thirteenth century BC. For a journey that takes you from the Bronze Age to the Romans, this is a museum not to be missed.

who traveled to Venice after the Sack of Rome. The construction that stands today was recommissioned by Vincenzo Scamozzi in 1590 and finished in 1671 after a period of controversy involving the architect and the local monks. Today, the modernized convent is still used by Venice University’s architectural institute

So, are you ready to uncover Italy’s hidden histories? Taking an Italian canal cruise offers the best opportunity to make stops in the country’s hidden gems, where you’ll be able to enjoy soaking up some magnificent sites along the way.

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