So many guys get this completely backwards…

I often get emails from guys wanting tips on reading a woman’s body language. They want to know “the signs she likes you” or what it means when a woman has her arms crossed or is standing in a certain way.

I want to make something clear to you: If you are focusing all your attention on reading a woman’s body language, you are concentrating on the girl in the wrong way.

Let me explain…

First of all, women are highly perceptive creatures. Some experts suggest that women are ten times better at reading body language than men!Secondly, most women expect the man to be the leader. Keeping these two key points in mind, let’s talk about how to start focusing on the right things when you are engaged in conversation with a woman…

When you talk to a woman, you need to LISTEN with intent. By concentrating on what she is saying, your non-verbal language is naturally going to reflect that interest to her. When a woman senses that you are into what she’s saying, she will naturally start to open up her own body language to you. She will do this because she knows you’re genuinely interested in her AND what she has to say. She will know that you are intrigued and her body language will loosen up.

She will now feel more connected to you… and women are all about connecting with a man.

Most guys fall short in the area of connecting with women on an emotional level. Instead of talking WITH a woman, they start talking AT her. Then they start looking for non-verbal clues from her to gauge her interest level, without being aware that the man creates the woman’s body language. This is so important concept to understand.

Don’t make the mistake of viewing things in the wrong order. Women can sense when the guy is not emotionally engaged.

When you talk to a woman, her body language is almost always going to reflect yours. As the leader, you need to lead her by example. A woman will only start to relax IF you are relaxed first. If your verbal and non-verbal communication is sending her the right signals, her body language will reflect signs of interest in you.

So it’s important that your non-verbal communication is strong and you are showing GENUINE interest in her. When you talk to her, make sure your face is engaged and you’re smiling, but only if you genuinely mean it. Don’t smile to TRY to gain her approval. Make sure your eyes are focused in on hers and try to get inside of her head of what she’s really about.

Stop worrying too much about the “signs she likes you” or reading a woman’s body language all the time, and start paying attention to ALL the details. If you do this right, your interactions with women will change and women will feel more attraction for you.

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