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in the midst of what the sector is witnessing of technological improvement, digital and statistics revolutions, and the ensuing many things, which includes digital worlds that erased and penetrated the borders of countries, thinkers located themselves earlier than a hard and fast of questions associated broadly speaking to the difficulty of “the state” itself

 The state that sees philosophy as the “thoughts of society” is now beneath death threat, and consequently philosophy – which become credited with growing the “idea of the state” – located itself with inside the mild of present day international generation in the front of  things:
 the first; It is liable for growing the philosophical basis for the idea of the state according with the brand new situation.
 the second; It can not forget about the risks of digital worlds to the sovereignty of the national state.
 Although the idea of the kingdom is primarily based totally specially at the technical apparatus, the philosophy of the kingdom need to confront the risk that comes from those digital worlds. Hence the simple question – the problem – emerges as follows: Is it feasible to broaden the idea of the kingdom in a way this is like minded with this new situation? Can present day guy construct a international kingdom consistent with that?

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. 1- Modern states: the country`s machine and its administrative, political, monetary and social apparatus.
 The phrase “kingdom” comes from the Latin language, specially the phrase “status” because of this that a strong kingdom. The phrase did now no longer tackle a political connotation besides with inside the Roman era, while the Republic become established. This phrase did now no longer suggest its cutting-edge which means till after Machiavelli used it in his well-known book “The Prince,” while he described the kingdom as “absolutely everyone that has/or had authority over peoples, which might be both republics or emirates.” This idea fluctuated with ups and downs, till it settled in present day prison and political jurisprudence, however this doesn’t negate the continuation of discussions approximately this idea till now.

 Multiple definitions of kingdom:
The references specialized with inside the take a look at of political structures provided of their preface to its investigations  definitions that have been used with inside the beyond with inside the kingdom, which might be used for the sake of display, consisting of the definition of the Swiss philosopher (BLUNTSCHLI) of the kingdom as “an unbiased institution of people residing constantly on a sure land, amongst them a ruling magnificence and some other ruled.

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