If you want to self-publish, creating books in a popular sector is vital for success. Choosing the correct category and specialty for your book might make the difference between standing out and getting lost in the throng.

Kindle book categories and themes assist your readers in discovering your material. Tracking reader interest in certain niches and keywords may help you discover what they are interested in and how you can generate content to satisfy their interests.

Many writers make the mistake of attempting to write for an “untouched market,” believing that by doing so, they would attract more purchasers; nevertheless, there is a reason why certain markets stay untapped. They’re writing novels that no one wants to read.

The last thing you want is for all the labor that goes into writing, editing, and releasing a book to go to waste. Instead, select categories that will pique readers’ interest, increasing the likelihood that they will pick up your book.

Choosing a popular topic implies you’ll have more prospective readers. This might imply more profit for you, so make sure you choose your area properly.

Here’s how to find the best niche for your next book.

Take a look at what people are purchasing

Having a thorough understanding of what consumers are buying might help you identify valuable niches. People buy what they are interested in, thus niches with a lot of sales are likely to continue selling books in the future.

While you are unlikely to be able to conduct a large-scale study of what books individuals have purchased, you may use internet shops to steer you in the correct path. Doing some research on the kind of books that are selling will reveal the current best niches to publish in.

Examine Amazon’s Best Sellers

Amazon is the largest seller of ebooks, so it’s a wonderful place to check what others are buying.

Every day, thousands of books are published on Amazon, but if you want to know what sells, you need to focus on the cream of the crop. Keep an eye out for books that rise to the top of the best-seller list, particularly new arrivals. These will reveal where individuals spend their money.

Fortunately, Amazon makes it quite simple to discover what’s hot on their website. Bestsellers are picked in each category and subcategory and are updated hourly.

This ranking system is beneficial to their consumers since it allows them to identify things that other people have purchased and been satisfied with. It’s also advantageous for you because you can use the same techniques to determine which themes and subjects are of particular interest to consumers.

How to Locate Best Sellers

Navigate to the books category and click on “Best Sellers & More” at the top of the page to see Amazon’s current bestsellers. From here, you may sort the best-selling books by most read, most sold, or editors’ choices. You may also sort the books by physical print, Kindle, or audio book.

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While each of these sorting choices might give helpful information, you should definitely stay with the most sold list and the format that is most relevant to how you intend to sell your book.

The best-selling books on Amazon include themes that are both intriguing and appealing to readers. These are wonderful niches to write in since there are a lot of individuals in them.

Stay Current

Looking at top sellers is only useful if your list is current. This is why it is a good idea to conduct your research on Amazon, since the listings are continually updated, providing you with up-to-date information.

A niche that was hot a few years ago may not be as popular today. A book that is selling well today will most likely not sell as well a decade from now. This is especially true in the field of fiction, where tastes shift dramatically from year to year.

Write About Your Experience

Choosing a popular niche is only half the battle. There are several popular niches. How do you choose the best one to publish in?

Consider what you know best to help you limit your options. Why write a cookbook if you don’t want to cook? If you write about something you are knowledgeable about, you may apply your expertise to the book, boosting its quality and making it stand out to readers.

The Top Profitable Niches

While certain themes may be more popular than others at times, there are several evergreen niches that are consistently extremely profitable. These are always terrific selections.

If you’re at a loss for what to write about, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Health and Fitness

Fitness is a hugely successful business.

People are always seeking methods to get in shape, whether it’s through a diet modification, more activity, or a total-body approach. While exercise requires you to be physically active, there is also plenty of room for reading in the fitness sector.

A book that helps individuals get or remain active is a terrific approach to boost sales. After all, the topic is applicable to just about everyone, which means there are many people looking for more health and fitness books.


Relationship issues are a typical source of stress. When problems arise between two partners, or when people struggle to understand how to establish a relationship in the first place, they frequently turn to books for guidance.

Many people have knowledge in the field of relationship advice since they have had their own relationships and can speak from experience. If this is a topic that interests you, this is an excellent alternative.


Making the decision to start your own business is both exhilarating and terrifying. It never hurts to have someone else’s experience to fall back on. Many new entrepreneurs look for literature on the subject in order to prevent blunders and keep their firms viable.

As a publisher, you’re probably an entrepreneur yourself, so you understand the difficulties that people might encounter when they go it alone. Books that discuss how to start your own business and manage the process of getting it off the ground are very popular, as are books that show entrepreneurs how to take their business to the next level.


Many people struggle with money management. Your personal finance book may give them the solution they require to get their savings and budget in shape, or to restore their credit score.

Books on finance are popular and important to many people’s lives, whether they seek a way out of debilitating debt or want to learn how to invest their resources.

Self-Help / Empowerment

It is natural to desire to grow and become a better person. Self-help books provide us with the tools we need to recognize and resolve problems.

Self-help books are divided into several sub-categories. Some novels are about overcoming an addiction, while others are about learning to love oneself. Some advocate for a whole-body approach to making changes, while others assist readers in dealing with a specific difficulty in their lives, such as poor self-esteem, the death of a loved one, or uncontrollable worry.

You should have a clear sense of what genre your future book will go under by now. You also most likely have a decent concept of how to help it stand out in its specialty.

You only need to write it now.

Choosing a marketable theme for your book is only the beginning. It is also critical to ensure the quality of your book

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