If you plan to visit Georgia in October, you can experience really good weather at this time of the year. Georgia offers the perfect escape from the busy everyday life you are always looking for. Georgia is very famous for its finest wines, good food and very friendly locals. Spending a week or so in Georgia will rejuvenate your mind in the best possible way.

Many people prefer to go to Georgia in October because of the good weather this month. Let’s talk more about it and learn more interesting facts about traveling to Georgia. See the best places in Georgia and have a great experience.

Know about the Weather in Georgia in October that suits you

If you visit Georgia in October, experience the fall season there. It starts at the end of September and continues until mid-November or late November. Georgia is really “beautiful” at this time of the year. There is low rainfall, mild temperatures overall, colorful trees, lush greenery everywhere, and a calendar full of festivals and local events. October celebrates Georgia in a wonderful way.

The rainy season is usually in Georgia, and it gets cooler from the end of October. The average temperature during this period is between 19.4 ° C and 9.6 ° C. When it doesn’t rain, the sun is shining almost all day. So you won’t feel cold or get too cold.

4 Best Reasons For Visiting Georgia In October

Visiting Georgia in October is your best bet to see the country in its most beautiful form. There are several reasons why Georgia is flocked by tourists this month of the year. Take a look –

1. Soothing Weather And Temperature

Officially, the fall season begins in September, but October reveals the true beauty of the country. The weather is like a mild summer, but there is no scorching heat and no sun. You can easily enjoy the daytime weather and even visit the coast and immerse yourself in the water. The weather is perfectly balanced for everyone.

2. Hiking Routes Are Still Accessible

Georgia’s hiking routes in October are still accessible. The hiking trail will be available until the end of October, after which it will be covered with snow and will reopen in the summer. Famous hiking routes and trails include Tusheti, Khevsureti and Svaneti. Also, most of these hiking routes have plenty of transportation that makes it easy to reach the trailheads. The mountains of Georgia are also beautiful during this time. They offer a wide range of colors like green, gold, yellow, purple and more. Trekking in Georgia in October is a great sport.

3. Grape Harvesting Season

The 8000-year-old tradition of grape harvesting in Georgia occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of the people of this country. Not only is grape harvesting important to those engaged in agriculture, but almost every household in the country follows the tradition of viticulture. They do it for good luck and their culture. And it connects families at this time of the year. You’ll be amazed to see the flowering vineyards of Georgia’s vast lands in October.

4. Festivals In Georgia In October

Every year the month of Georgia brings lots of festivals and events that are celebrated in numerous parts of the country. the town of Tbilisi celebrates the festival called Tbilisoba which is commemorated for the products of the harvest. Folk dance, singing and theatre come together with that. The streets of most of the old towns and villages are decorated and folks celebrate the month cheerfully. Also, many photo festivals, gallery exhibitions and parades will be found in numerous regions.

Why We Love Georgia – I have traveled to almost 70 countries around the world and Georgia is still my favorite of all. The reasons are as follows. First, is culture. Georgia is a tapestry woven from thousands of threads in the East, West and Middle East. Second, food and wine. Just eating in Georgia is a journey. Oh, and wine was invented here. Third, the breathtaking mountains of the Caucasus. Pure happiness for nature lovers. You can move on, but plan your trip to Georgia instead.

Facts & Info:

Population – 4 million

Capital – Tbilisi

Currency – Lari ($1 = ~3.04 laris)

Language – Georgian

Plugs – Type C or F, 220V / 50H

Know about Best Time to visit

Georgia is a small country, but the climate varies greatly from region to region due to the vastly different elevations in this white country. Generally, the best time to visit Georgia is from May to October, but if you are interested in winter sports, you can visit here at any time of the year.

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