Gifts to Give Your Boyfriend That He’ll Actually Use

Birthdays, anniversaries, the winter holidays…. With every passing season, there are usually a couple of special occasions that might tempt you into picking up a little something special for your sweetheart. But what should you get for the one that makes your heart go pitter-patter? We’ve developed a list of ideas to get your wheels turning.

One Pro Tip to keep in mind when shopping for your fella is to keep his “likes” and habits rule the purchase, not your own desires. This is a gift, after all! If he loves his bathroom time or his man cave, get him something that complements that room. If he loves a certain food, drink, or hobby, help him along with some gear in that department.

With that in mind, here are five suggestions to get you started brainstorming:

1. Waterproof Shower Speaker

Singing in the shower is a joy that can be made even better by piping in some fresh tunes as you lather up. There are all sorts of hangable, waterproof music speakers available that play AM/FM radio stations or even connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Portable speakers are convenient and produce an amazing sound for being so small and lightweight, and listening to tunes during your morning shower or get-ready ritual is a great way to start the day off with the right energy.

2. Monogrammed Steak Brander with Carving Board

Do you have a master griller on your hands? How delicious for you! A guy that grills is going to go nuts for his own personal branding iron. You can opt for a design, logo, or for the recipient’s initials, and a company will send you a custom piece to mark your meat. Heat it up on your grill and add designer scorch marks to your signature dishes. Many come with a carving board that is also branded with your pattern. Talk about super cool.

3. Classic Vintage Decoration

If your fella has a man cave, garage space, or similar retreat where he lives, why not get him some fun and stylish decor to adorn the walls? What’s a more wonderful vintage statement piece than a functional cuckoo clock? Think of how entertaining it could be to have a working Bavarian masterpiece in his little den, straight from the artisans in the Black Forest.

4. Spicy Hot Sauce Collection Set

A lot of us have a sweetie that also appreciates the spicy things in life. For those of us who love it Picante, the run-of-the-mill hot sauces in the aisle can get a little monotonous. These days they have all sorts of themed hot sauce variety packs available for delivery with just the click of a mouse or a fingertip. Consider getting him a habanero multi-pack or a chipotle subscription of the month bottle service. There are all sorts of ways to spice up your romance!

5. Coffee Bean Grinder and French Press

If your guy is the type of guy who cherishes his morning cup of joe, here are a couple of cool options that could really up his coffee game to the next level. A bean grinder allows the drinker to grind as they go, giving them the freshest taste possible. You simply buy whole bean coffee at the store, available in the same section as the standard pre-ground version. A French press is an alternate version of brewing coffee using a glass or stainless steel pitcher and accompanying plunger press. Add the ground coffee and pour boiling water over the grinds, allowing the beans to steep to your desired doneness before plunging and pouring. This is a simple and trendy way to get your morning jolt of caffeine that tastes bold and strong.

No matter what, don’t let yourself stress too much about this! Have fun with the gift-giving process and purchase of your sweetie’s new treat or gadget. If you put some time and some thought into it and give from the heart with love, you can definitely pick a winning present that your boyfriend will use, adore and appreciate.

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