“Future work” … Dozens of jobs that did not become the “human mind”

Author : Dr.Malek El kaakour

Who expects the first 3D press to be in circulation by 2025? Who feels like going to a robot that can give prescriptions instead of a pharmacist? Who do you think they have a portable cell phone? Who would have thought that the first 3D liver transplant existed? Who believes there is a machine that can read the mind? Who expects to board an unmanned aerial vehicle?

 These are some of the questions raised by Klaus Schwab, the founder and director of the World Economic Forum, at an intergovernmental conference in Dubai two years ago. What we are alive, what we do, and how we treat each other. Together, “he said, adding that the government should be more informed and ready for those who can keep up with development. From this point of view, the problem of people preparing for tomorrow seems to be not only with the government, but also with parents who are worried about their children’s future. From now on, we need to know what the “future work” is, which is not bound by the “human mind.”

 The Future Jobs 2040 report, published by the Future Forest Foundation in Abu Dhabi, identifies 157 occupations in the 20 sectors that dominate future jobs and states that generations born after 2010 will create effective jobs for known people. I am saying. Alpha generation ” Which:

 Robots: robot maintenance, robot monitoring, robotics technicians, robot suppliers, robot programmers, robot user interface experts, robot building ethical consultants, robot business developers, plastic surgeon for robots, communication skills developers for robots, travel agents for robots, Organizers of shows and events for robotics.

 Data: data scientists, data investigators, data extractors, data analysts, data controllers, value or ethical specialists in the preservation and use of data, data credit agents, data brokers.

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 Drones: UAV command center personnel, aircraft systems engineers, (unmanned aerial vehicles) ground crew, drone maintenance and repair, air security teams, drone designers, drone programmers Pilot, sensor operators, drone sales agents.

 Personal health: anti aging specialists, mental health professionals, nurses, geriatric aides, genetic regulators, epic genetic therapists, neuron stimulation specialists, genetic modification designers and engineers.

 AI: Independent AI trainers and supervisors, AI writers, AI musicians, AI artists, AI accountants, AI cybersecurity experts, AI experts’ artificial intelligence.

 Autonomous Transportation: Command center staff, payments and accounting department, smart road engineers, repair and maintenance teams, cleaning teams, traffic analysts, and freight station installers are designed to develop and improve the passenger experience of using vehicles.

 Blockchain technology: Blockchain legislators, Blockchain engineers, Blockchain designers, Blockchain user interface and user experience experts, Blockchain cloud application managers, Blockchain systems analysts, Blockchain product managers, Blockchain business development trainers.

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 3D printing: digital home architects, 3D homes builders, 3D product designers, 3D drug makers, printed prosthetics specialists, 3D reconstructive surgery specialists, 3D food printing specialists, materials science researchers, Computing, Biotechnology, 3D Printer Operation Technicians, 3D Printer Manufacturing and Maintenance Engineers, Printed Products Quality and Auditing Specialists, Code Developers and Programmers.

 Cryptocurrencies: Crypt o legislators,

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