Frequent Alcohol can Do More Harm to The Prostate Than You Can Imagine

The prostate is a unique organ and a vital organ for men. If men don’t want prostate diseases, they should avoid alcohol. For many men, drinking is one of the most important communication methods. But excessive drinking can affect prostate health.

Why does frequent alcohol affect prostate health?

Alcohol is a kind of gonadal toxin, which will make male gonads poisoned. Over time, it will lead to sexual problems in men and even sexual dysfunction in severe cases. And drinking alcohol will also affect male fertility, affecting the quality of men’s sperm. After drinking wine, men’s prostate will be in a state of hyperemia and expansion. The more wine they drink, the more swollen they will be. After a long time, they will have prostatitis .

When you have prostate disease, if you often drink alcohol during the treatment, the treatment effect will be wasted, and the prostate disease will be more serious. In any case, men should not drink regularly. If they have to drink, they should control the amount. Don’t drink too much. Otherwise, it will affect the prostate.

Moreover, excessive drinking can cause sexual dysfunction and teratogenesis. Excessive drinking can significantly reduce the quality and quantity of male sperm, leading to infertility. Because alcohol is a kind of nerve anesthetic, long-term excessive drinking will reduce the ability of nerve perception and conduction and make sexual desire decline, causing an inability to erect, impotence, and premature ejaculation.

This situation can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill . It has no antibiotic resistance, so you can take it safely without worrying about the growth of drug-resistant bacteria in the intestinal tract. In addition, under the action of channel guiding drugs, the pill can penetrate the prostate membrane, and its effective concentration can reach the lesion directly.

Active and effective treatment is also the fundamental guarantee for maintaining a healthy body forever!

How should men maintain their prostate in life?

1. Diet should be light

Many foods in life can stimulate the prostate, especially some very spicy foods. In life, you should try to eat light, not too spicy. In addition, you should put fewer condiments such as onions, garlic, and pepper. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, especially those in the current season. Eat foods rich in protein and zinc.

2. Sex should be moderate

Sexual intercourse must be moderate. Don’t indulge in excessive sex because it dramatically impacts the prostate. The prostate has been in a state of hyperemia and swelling for a long time, and it is easy to have problems. The long-term husband and wife life is also not good. Otherwise, it will accumulate a large amount of prostatic fluid, and it is easy to get inflammation after a long time. People should maintain a moderate sexual life. If the partners live in harmony, the prostate will be healthier.

3. Keep warm

Many people don’t know that the prostate is also afraid of cold. Although the temperature has gradually increased, the temperature is also relatively low occasionally. Don’t rashly subtract too many clothes. Keep warm, and don’t let the prostate catch a cold.

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4. Don’t hold your urine

Men should not hold their urine if they want to maintain their prostate. If they hold their urine, it will increase the pressure of the bladder, causing pyelonephritis and leading to bladder inflammation. If the bladder is inflamed, it may spread to the prostate, which also causes prostate inflammation. So in life, you should drink more water, urinate more, and don’t hold your urine. You can consume less water if you can’t go to the toilet in time under exceptional circumstances.

5. Exercise regularly

If men want to make their bodies healthier and their prostate healthier, they should be aware of the exercise. Exercise can promote blood circulation. Promoting blood circulation of the prostate is good for the prostate. And exercise can also enhance the body’s resistance to bacteria and other invasions. Don’t start sports just for a while. Only by persisting can we have actual results.

6. Do a regular physical examination

For men over 45 years old, a B-ultrasound examination of the prostate should be carried out routinely every two years. Men over 50 need to have a prostate-specific antigen test every two year.

Warm tips: it is suggested that men drink a moderate amount of alcohol in their daily life to protect the health of the prostate, but do not drink too much for a long time. In case of discomfort, go to a regular hospital for examination and treatment immediately to avoid missing the best treatment period.

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