When men are seeking out the perfect engagement ring one thing they are after is a perfect shaped ring for their beautiful fiancé to be. A classic diamond is thought to be round, brilliant and a kaleidoscope of stunning aspects that bring allure to the eye.

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Although this is true there is a lot more to diamonds than most people choosing one know, including that they come in a variety of shapes. Although traditionally diamonds are round and that shape is considered the most popular that is hardly it when it comes to the majestic diamond.

Round Diamonds A round shape diamond is the shape people first think of when considering purchasing a diamond. Many engagement ring settings are specially designed to be paired with a classic solitaire diamond. This is why round diamonds account for over seventy-five percent of all diamonds sold now a days. Solitaires are cut to maximize the crown, girdle and pavilion and are calibrated to allow the most intensity and brightness that the diamond has to offer. This is a favorable option when choosing a diamond for a very traditional bride to be.

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Oval Diamonds

Oval diamonds are equally as beautiful to the classic solitaire. Ovals are perfectly symmetrical and look wonderful on women with small hands or shorter fingers. It allows the hand to appear elongated.

Marquise Diamonds

A marquise is a long shaped diamond with points at the end and is said to be inspired by the smile of Marquise de Pompadour. A marquise diamond is beautiful when paired with smaller solitaire diamonds that enhance the unique and distinct pointed shape of the diamond.

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Pear Shaped Diamonds

This shaped diamond combines the beautiful elements of both the oval shaped and marquise shaped diamonds. The pear is oval at the base and is pointed at the top and gives the appearance of a tear drop. It compliments small to average sized hands. Many pear shaped diamonds are used as pendants and earrings.

Heart Shaped Diamonds

Talk about romantic! A heart shaped diamond is one of the most difficult diamonds to produce and takes an extremely skilled diamond cutter to assure an even shape and well defined outline. For a true romantic this is the most perfect choice in diamond shapes.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

An emerald cut diamond is cut in the shape of a rectangle with round cut corners. When it comes to selecting an emerald cut diamond pay particular attention to the clarity and cut. In this shape the flaws of the diamond are more pronounced therefore to choose one that is of the quality you wish for an engagement ring stone it takes a great deal of diamond knowledge.

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Princess Cut Diamonds

This is a square cut diamond that is cut with an enhanced number of facets to improve upon the brilliance and sparkle of the stone. This stone is beautiful on many different sized hands but is exceptional for those with long fingers.

Diamond cutters are still coming up with new shapes as we speak. Some cutters take classic designs and improve upon their brilliance. The shape you choose to propose with will be determined by personal preference and your spin on what your bride to be desire

Enjoy the experience.

At the end of the day, shopping for an engagement ring should be exciting and enjoyable. There’s a reason roughly 80 percent of consumers stating their intent to spend the same amount of money (or more) on diamond jewelry as they did per-pandemic–it’s fun. Tapping a DTC source like Allurez comes with top-tier customer service, making the experience a memorable one for all the right reasons. No doubt it will become your go-to source for celebrating special occasions for years to come.

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