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Lab-grown diamonds are eye-catching, sparkly, and resemble their mined counterparts. This is why lab-made diamond engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular among customers. The main reason why more diamond lovers are switching from mined varieties to lab-made diamonds is that lab-made engagement rings are available in various styles and shapes and fit one’s budget easily. The best feature is that lab-grown diamonds are Eco-friendly and grow sustainably in a conflict-free environment.

There are wide varieties of Lab Made Diamonds in different styles that you can easily buy online and get your dream engagement ring. This includes modern settings, classic solitaire designs, and even vintage cuts. Ring design plays an important role in determining which one will look elegant with New World Diamonds. You can get a variety of ring styles that matches your personality.

Following are the best lab-grown diamond design that fits every aesthetic.

Oval-Cut engagement Ring

Oval-cut lab-made engagement rings are simple to see yet quite striking in their appearance. This design is perfect for brides who want a traditional look and is fond of classic silhouettes. You can opt for a shimmering band to add more glamour and glitz.

Prong Setting and Solitaire Setting

You can shop Engagement Rings in the most classic and common ring design called the prong setting. This design comes in a flat, pointed, V-shape, and round shape. The best feature of this design is that the metal has a minimal presence so that the diamond gets the most attention, and maximum light passes through it and adds to its radiance and brilliance. Solitaire style is a common feature in prong settings which features one precious stone or diamond. This design allows maximum attention to the diamond instead of distracting the fancy metalwork.


Halo Radiant- Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Halo radiant cut Lab Made Diamonds design gives a traditional look with a twist. It comes with an accented styled split band that gives a surprising and unique look. This lab-made diamond ring design can easily accommodate any diamond cut from marquise to Asscher. At New World Diamonds, you get the best design for a lab-created engagement ring to gift to your fiancé.

Vintage Setting

The antique lab-made diamond rings date back to early periods of great jewelry fashion like the Edwardian, Art De-co, and Victorian eras. This style of engagement ring includes mil-grain and filigree detail art. The best feature of this vintage lab made diamond engagement ring is that it enhances the prominence and beauty of the middle stone and radiates with great charm and character.

Bezel Setting

The bezel design is the next most popular ring style in lab-created diamonds due to its suitability, and its modern look matches your active lifestyle. This design doesn’t hold the lab diamond with prongs as the setting encircles around the center stone or a diamond with a small metal rim to hold the diamond tightly in its place. Shop Engagement Rings with the bezel setting where the lab diamond is securely held. This style of engagement ring is also durable.    If you are interested in getting these exquisite diamond designs for your engagement ring, shop with us. Our product Becca Ring – 1.00 Ct. T.W. is exclusive and stands out in the market, and the center diamond grabs the maximum attention.

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