Every working person out there is probably dreaming about how easy and relaxed life will be once they reach retirement age. But the ones who have already reached that stage can surely tell you that it’s not as easy and relaxing as it sounds. A lifetime of working a 9-5 job and now suddenly you’re expected to just laze around all day and do nothing? Not exactly the paradise you’re hoping for. This is why so many senior people look to find jobs again. And try to get work from home. But the problem persists. If you can’t sit at home all day, but you also don’t want to slave away like you have been doing for so many years, what to do? I’m here to tell you that there is a middle ground, tips and tricks you can learn to maintain and master a healthy and relaxing work-life balance. One that leaves you time to be a senior citizen while also allowing you to do part-time jobs and keep your body and

What is a Work-Life balance?

A healthy and productive balance between your work life and your home life. A routine that allows you to be productive, while also allowing you some leisure time.


1. Try to find something you can work from home

One of the biggest side effects of having a full-time job is that you never get time for yourself, or to pursue any endeavors. Try to avoid that. Retirement is supposed to be the age where you are bound by no obligations and are free to do whatever you wish, without asking anybody for permission. Finding a job online will allow you to keep that freedom. Even though you will need to work and be there when you are required, you will have the ability to take a break or a holiday without consequences.

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Now, to the problem. Most of the senior citizens today aren’t very tech-savvy due to the generational gap, and that’s ok, we can work with that. The biggest advantage of being a senior citizen is that you have experience, and people trust you for it. One of the most up-and-coming jobs of today is consultation. You can use your experience and expertise to guide other youngsters who are looking to pursue the same road you took.

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2. Take it slow

It may seem right to jump right back into where you left off when you retired. However, working online is very different from having a 9-5 offline job. For one, you don’t have to

3. Take out time for your family

Many people are eager about retirement because it means you have more time to spend on your family. Make sure that your work doesn’t stop you from that. If you are under someone’s employ, be sure to let them know that you won’t be free on the weekends, for example.

4. Have self-care offline time

The internet is addictive- an unfortunate fact that applies to any and all ages. It’s too easy to get trapped inside the internet, to entertain yourself on the screen. There is an impossible number of baby pictures and you tube videos out there, and once you indulge yourself you will never want to stop. It’s entertaining in the moment but the second you shut your device you realize that all it was was an epic waste of time.

To prevent yourself from falling into the abyss that is the internet, make sure to have some offline me-time every day. Relax a little, go for a walk maybe.

5. Get ready for work the same way you used to

Working from home means you are spared from the everyday travel time you would have had to endure. However, you shouldn’t forsake your usual getting ready time. Wake up half an hour later than you otherwise would, but still wake up on time. Instead of snoozing your alarm in lieu of another half an hour of sleep, use that time to wake yourself up, and get ready.

6. Take a walk

Go outside and take a short walk, even if it’s just for five minutes. This will help clear your mind, and when you get back, you will be just as productive as you were when you began the day.

It’s a psychological fact that small breaks and even the smallest of physical exercises can help you rejuvenate your mind and will thus, improve your efficiency and keep you focused.

7. Plan vacations

When you were working a typical job, you never had time to explore the world. Many people dream about those adventures and chalk them up as something they will do when they are older and free of the constraints that a job puts on them. However, those constraints are back and you have no retirement to chalk up all your possible vacations to. So, plan vacations and go see the world. The world is equipped with good-speed WiFi in almost all places, so if you really can’t miss work, you don’t have to. You can go take a walk in a jungle in Bali and still be back on time to finish your work for the day.

8. Meditate

Meditation, even though it sounds unnecessary and time-consuming, will help you in your life and performance at work. It relaxes the mind and helps in allowing your brain to catch up with everything you have done in your day, giving you a clear mind and allowing you to have a relaxed and satisfying sleep, which leads to a good and headache-free day.

Furthermore, if you are someone who is consulting, meditation can help you refresh your memory and allow you to give better advice and direction to your client.

9. Learn to say ‘no’

Too often employees take on too much, knowing that they can’t possibly complete the work and still be able to have any free time, all because they don’t know how to say no. It’s hard and may even make you feel guilty, but it’s a necessary skill if you want to maintain a healthy balance between how many hours your work and how much time you have to yourself.


The above-mentioned methods are ways that you can make sure that you have all the benefits of retirement, while also being intellectually stimulated and having something productive to do during the day. Happy working!

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